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Experiencing Fishing in Egypt

Experiencing Fishing in Egypt

Are you interested in trying your hand at fishing in Egypt but don’t know where to begin? Because of the association between Egypt and sand dunes and enormous pyramids, this is to be expected.

Few people realize that fishing is a viable source of income in this country. Though Egypt isn’t typically associated with desert exploration, angling is an excellent addition to any vacation itinerary.

The Egyptian civilization was among the first to spread fishing techniques to other cultures, earning Egypt the nickname “bedrock” of the fishing industry. We have produced a list of some of the best fishing spots in Egypt.

Adventures in Red Sea Fishing
El Konaisa

The area of El-Konaisa, close to Sharm El Sheikh, is a mecca for fishermen interested in casting and boat fishing on the Red Sea.

Casting requires a valid fishing license for each angler. In addition, you can easily find a variety of campsites along the seaside with the help of Google.

Even if you’re not an expert fisherman, you’ll have no trouble reeling in a haul from Egypt’s waters. An assortment of reef fish, coral trout, Spanish mackerel, and groupers are among them.


It’s convenient because it’s the nearest fishing spot to Cairo, but don’t go in hoping for a wide variety of fish or any real trophy catch. You might catch a small grouper, a six-blotch hind, an emperor (very infrequently), or a perch. Coral trouts and sea breams are also a distant possibility. Use no less than 100% effort.


If the prospect of going boat fishing excites you, then Hurghada is the place to be. While it’s possible to find seasonal fish there, it’s still worth a try. In addition, it’s a paradise for aspiring professionals because of the numerous coral reefs and skilled fishermen and sailors who inhabit the area. Among the finest fishing spots in all of Egypt, this one does not disappoint.

Barracuda, tuna, gigantic trevally, and sky emperors are also obtainable. The illustrious mahi-mahi may also show up, perhaps accompanied by a few humorous extras:


Hamata is the perfect place for our marine buddies to live thanks to its miles of reefs and seaweed. A large variety of large fish may be found there, and the big game fishing is world-class. Big tuna, emperors with black spots, porgies, groupers, and even baby sharks are not out of the question.

But it’s just for people who really want to stick it to Poseidon. Please bring food and coolers.

Mediterranean fishing

Alexandria comes out on top because of the abundance of opportunities it provides. This area is well regarded by Egyptian anglers. Many different species of huge and medium-sized fish can be found there.

Sea bream, seabass, groupers, and mullet abound. Spanish and King mackerel, striped red mullet, common sole. Fishing for Spanish and King mackerel, striped red mullet, common sole, and other species.

Fishing in Lake Nasser

Egypt’s Lake Nasser is a fisherman’s paradise. 32 fish species inhabit the lake. A 200-kilogram, 2-meter Nile perch can sustain a village for a week.

Remember that the Lake Nasser region is very remote and has limited infrastructure, including phone service and electricity. When you’ve had your fill of gigantic fish and a great chance to fly fish, you won’t need either.

Scaly inhabitants of the freshwater lake include tilapia, moonfish, and large catfish like the tiger catfish.

Fishery Facts for Egyptians Generally
Egypt’s Fishing Laws

Tourists and locals alike in Egypt must abide by certain fishing laws.

  • Egypt has strict laws against boating while under the influence of alcohol.
  • It’s best to keep your lures at least ten feet away from man-made buildings like docks and boathouses.
  • “Restricted” places are off-limits. To sail these waters, a vessel must have the proper permissions. Taking baby fish is illegal since it threatens their chances of survival.
Fishing in Egypt and the kinds of fish you might catch
  • Tilapia eels
  • pufferfish catfish
  • Big-mouthed elephant fish
  • mullet
  • carp
  • Trout from the Nile
  • Inverted catfish
  • moonfish
Egypt has an abundance of fishing equipment.
  • Bait lines
  • sinkers rods
  • reels
  • hooks,
  • spears
  • nets
  • gaffs
  • Some of the most typical gear for a fishing trip are a wading shoe or wader set and a tackle box.
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