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Five Easy-to-Catch Tropical Fish

Five Easy-to-Catch Tropical Fish

All set up in its new permanent home, your brand-new freshwater tank is currently empty but ready for its new inhabitants. You may have aquarium upkeep down after doing some research and consulting the appropriate sources, but you’re still missing fish. Considering the effort required to set up and care for your aquarium’s inhabitants, it’s wise. Most first-time aquarium owners want to load their habitat with a wealth of colorful aquatic life, therefore fish with a communal character are also a great benefit. Let’s go underwater and check out several freshwater fish to determine which ones are ideal for newbies. to begin with, fish that are already established and can survive the (likely) rough conditions they’ll encounter in the beginning.


A vibrant kind of fish with a placid personality, danios thrive in tiny communities of their own kind. Danios are among the best freshwater fish for novices because they are so resilient. They’re adaptable enough to survive in a variety of water conditions and even like the occasional fish flake as a treat. These fish are hardy, gregarious, and active, and they may thrive in tanks as little as 20 gallons. Give them a try, the Zebra Danio in particular is a beautiful sight.


Beautiful and durable, tetras like the black skirt and neon tetras are a fantastic choice for new fish keepers. Neon Tetras in particular have coloration that can compete with that of saltwater tetras, and they can survive on fish flakes alone (though the occasional blood worm or brine shrimp will be great for them). Several of these fish should be purchased if you plan on keeping them in a tank smaller than 20 gallons. Tetras are one of the greatest freshwater fish to start with since they are high-energy and enjoyable to watch in large groups.


Platies are another resilient species, and they tend to be quite docile. They have live births, may be easily bred for more, and add a splash of color to any environment. They require little upkeep and can thrive in a variety of aquatic settings (though favoring alkaline water). The Platy will thrive in a communal aquarium and can even eat fish flakes like the rest of the fish. As long as the other fish in the tank are peaceful, these may be the ideal freshwater fish for beginners.


Swordtails, so named for their distinctively long and pointed dorsal fin, require little attention from their owners in order to thrive in the water. They do well in a community aquarium, though some males can be aggressive (should another male appear as a threat). Swordtails need fast-moving water, therefore it’s important to replicate that condition in your aquarium. They subsist mostly on a plant-based diet, so if you’re looking for food, veggie flakes are a suitable option.


More specifically, catfish that live in the sediment, such as the Cory Catfish! These fish live in schools and get along well with other fish of all kinds. They are voracious eaters and excellent tank cleaners, preferring plant debris but also enjoying the occasional bloodworm. The best part is that these fish can last for a very long time and become a mainstay in your tank. Being social animals, they do best in groups of at least three, but you can add one to your tank if you like. They stand out visually, are low maintenance, and compete favorably with the best freshwater fish for newcomers.

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