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The Genuine Fish in Finding Nemo

The Genuine Fish in Finding Nemo

There are many common aquarium fish that make up the Tank Gang from Finding Nemo.

Ocellaris, often called False Percula, equals Coral, Marlin, and Nemo. Loonies, or Clown Anemonefish

Keep in mind that clownfish are far simpler to care for than anemones in a home aquarium. Anemones have strict requirements for water quality and illumination. When kept in groups of two, clownfish don’t need a live anemone to thrive.

Gill = Moorish Idol

It is recommended that you let professionals handle the care of any Moorish idols you may come across.

Bubbles = Yellow tang

Since they are herbivores, Yellow Tangs in an aquarium may lose their vivid yellow color if they are not fed enough plant food to sustain them.

Bloat = Porcupine Pufferfish, Porcupinefish

To achieve their inflated state, pufferfish consume large amounts of water rather than air (unless in extreme circumstances, like in the film Bloat). One pufferfish can contain enough lethal tetrodotoxin to kill thirty adults, and there is no treatment.

Gurgle = Royal Gramma, Fairy Basslet

In reality, Royal Gramma shares Gurgle’s signature purple and yellow color scheme. Royal Gramma is ideal aquarium fish since they are calm, resilient, and voracious eaters. They are cleaner fish that eat plankton in the wild.

Deb/Flo = Black and White Damselfish

Deb’s inspiration, the damselfish, is actually black and white rather than blue and white like her. I can attest from personal experience that aquarium tank inhabitants can see out and see their own reflections from certain angles, just like in the movie. The fish in your home aquarium may remember who feeds them!

Shrimp species found in the Pacific Ocean, including the Jacques, Skunk, and Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp

One of the characteristics of a cleaner shrimp is that it is omnivorous. In the wild, cleaner shrimp will clean other fish at designated cleaning stations, but they will also forage for food when necessary.

Peach = Sea star

Starfish and other sea stars feed only on garbage. Rather than having large, round eyes like Peach, they have little, plain eyes at the end of each arm. Like Peach, sea stars have a mouth underneath their body. If a sea star has its leg severed or eaten off, it can grow a new one.

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