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Pets are a blessing of God and a friend to us, who can say nothing but can make us feel our emotions very delightfully. But in the case of dogs, they are incredibly unique and loving to their master in terms of loyalty and faithfulness. All the dogs are prominent and are valued in different aspects. Some dogs are nurtured by the military for inspecting their respective cases, some are famous in their racing point of view, and many are (adopted)  as I used adopted due to the love which this special specie gained from humans due to their childish behavior and gentle manners. The dogs are dogs but contrasted thoroughly by their features selected by humans according to their nature then either it is the dogs;

  • Gender
  • Color
  • SIZE
  • Age 
  • Breed
  • Familiarity
  • Attraction
  • Body structure
  • Body hair
  • Class (includes both the classes of dogs of the cold and hot regions) 
  • Color
  • Maturity ratio
  • Learning 
  • Intelligence
  •  Responding(action to reaction) 
  • Security 
  • Fanciness 
  • Production ratio

As a purchaser, I have to focus on many things as mentioned above because the choice varies with the mind. 

As a purchaser, I also have to ponder over the breed of my respective upcoming dog. 

         So one of the breeds below might be best for you and your family and make the image crystal clear of the dog breed you wanna with you. 


 This soft (CHARLES SPANIEL) Is very familiar as it can be seen in its behavior by direct contact with strangers of any age either young or old.

 The maintenance of this breed is cheap. Overall a low-maintenance breed

Facial expressions are very hairy and attractive as they need regular grooming for better relationships and understanding.


Boxers are (IMPULSIVE WATCHDOG)due to their fantastic mental matches.

 Boxer feels very good with children as they protect them with the use of their voluntary actions that’s why they are the first choice of most families. 

With regular activity, little grooming is necessary. Such canines’ responsiveness to calls when summoned demonstrates their alertness dramatically.


SPRINKLER possesses the ability to please its owners. They are very sensitive and look at each and every gesture of their owner. 

Such dogs are pretty best in short families where there are fewer numbers of persons as they gain attention as a child. Their beautiful hair and brown eyes cannot let anybody go in anger. They are smart and require proper trimming and cleaning. 


PAPILLION is short and alert dogs. They look like toys as they love to play. 

They do not shy and have the habit of being happy either in congested or open places. 

However, they are best (Indoor And Outdoor dogs). PAPILLION is multicolored with multi-shaded hairs. They distantly look like foxes. They are very sharp.


POODLE is the most (POPULAR) breed. It has three different sizes due to which people like it most. These breeds are a very loving and happy breed

However (the HYPOALLERGENIC COAT) may Increase the allergic reaction to a person which could be dangerous as of its fluffy hairs. For it to grow and develop, maintenance is necessary.


 They are environmental dogs. These are very Interactive and smart house dogs. They are medium in size but are very friendly.

 They can keep their long, hairy coat in one spot to prevent allergic reactions. However, they are very adorable with long silky brownish hair. 


An active and alert breed, happy, steadily, and self-confident in its surroundings. Wheaten tends to be less scrappy than others but they are more responsive than others. They do plenty of exercise daily.

They can live in the city, the village is very adaptive to its surroundings. Because it is just single-coated, proper care is necessary.


Whippets are excellent house dogs. They like to run and spend most of the day sleeping. They are very happy when naturally attach to someone.

When kept as house pets, they are happiest. Those who call him nicely receive an aggressive response.


Retrievers are the most popular in America. They are medium size. They are coordinative and extremely trainable. 

Responds to strangers very confidentially. Labrador does best in active working either other inside the house or outside. 


The PAPILLION also called continental toy is a breed very old of spaniels type. It looks like a butterfly with a unique color combination.

 It is short and medium size. They are good responses and require Intensive Care. 


Pomeranians are excellent pets for those who are busy or do not give proper time to pet. They are a highly independent breed. 

They are smaller in size so it’s not safe to make them house pets where there are children. 


These dogs are spirited and active. They are thought to be good apartment dogs. House training can upset them because they are stubborn in this instance. 

Because they are subject to chills and are cold-sensitive, they must be treated symbolically. Children might hurt them because of their small size.


These breeds require intensive caring as they can be very stubborn, irritating, and amazingly opposite to the picture which you imagined before their presence in the picture. Remember that there is a great difference between (WHAT IS SEEN IN SOFT FORM TO WHAT IS SEEN IN HARD FORM BY the NAKED EYE) be calm relax and never step in frustration as it will not only fuse your dream pet’s happiness upon its arrival but also am opposite or negative approach will be stapled into your mind regarding pets especially (DOG’S) some of them are below, 

  • Akitas, 
  • Airedale terriers, 
  • Australian Cattle dogs. 

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